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Kuulie is the first of its kind cloud-based supply chain visibility, automation and analytics platform that integrates your enterprise systems in one place streamlining complex business processes.

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In order to utilize your container booking and allocation commitments to your business partners, it is important to have an detail insight on how much order you will be expected to move in a given week.

Capacity planning AI engine able to capture forecasts in a data driven approach and to see how those forecasts actually compare to a acutual booking.

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Plan your weeks

Consolidate the forecast data with available allocation space and strings in how you prioritize your business partners and customers in your day-to-day business , AI will create a Weekly Allocation Plan. This tells you where customers bookings should be placed in a given week, in order to fulfil your commitments to them as well as your business partners.

Shortage of Container

During a high season and unpredictable situation, there will be highs and lows to find the container spaces, at the same time, it is important that you keep supporting your core business partners.

We bring the ability to ensure you always keep with your carrier strategy and that carriers can take your commitments as always being delivered.

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Award-winning logistics services. Powered by technology, delivered by experts.

Businesses are leaving money on the table every day due to missed supply chain opportunities. Kuulie unlocks your potential with digital freight forwarding that drives cost savings and revenue improvements for your business.

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