Connect Your Teams

  • Analytics

    We know how important is to utilize own data efficiently, therefore e we have developed standard APIs for almost every conceivable system allowing you to quickly move up the digitalization process

  • Connect Your Teams

    Kuulie brings live supply chain insights into the heart of your business. With targeted updates, you can connect your teams, align your decision-making and move your business forward together.

  • Logistics

    Stay in control every step of the way with live SKU visibility. Catch exceptions early with live updates to ensure that your cargo always arrives on time.

  • Commercial

    Effectively manage supply to keep up with changes in demand. Zencargo Intake Planning monitors all of your inbound inventory so you can adapt quickly and avoid stockouts.

Automation for Future

Companies today are looking for automated solutions to speed up their processes and avoid duplication of work. We bring the out of box automation solution to read any kind of the rate excel data and documents and convert into smart rate engine.

  • Integration within hours, not weeks or months

  • Connect data from ERP systems including TMS, FMS, WMS, CRM, QuickBooks or external sources like Google Analytics

  • Your data is fully secured with industry grade encryption

  • Compliant with GDPR regulations on personal data collection

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In the post COVID-19 world, there will be two camps into which logistics companies will fall, those who are continuing to work on old models and those who have understood that the game has changed and investment into digitization and real-time supply chain visibility is fundamental to survival. To thrive in this industry, companies will need to figure out how they can really differentiate themselves through technology and create value for their customers. Companies early in their digital transformation journey need a digital strategy that works best for them and allows them to build their moat without disrupting the current operations. Are you looking to get started? Download the whitepaper below to know how.

Optimise Your Intake Planning

  • Optimise Your Intake Planning

    Stay ahead of demand with our Intake Planning platform. With live visibility of your planned, inbound and in-production SKUs your commercial team can catch potential shortfalls earlier and eliminate stock outs before they ever happen.

  • Integrations to Enhance Your Customer Experience

    Our open API gives you the chance to integrate Zencargo into your other core business apps. Unlock a seamless data flow, deep analytics and instant updates on your supply chain.

  • Advanced Solution

  • Additional Functions


Smart Supply Chain Management